Origins Literary Journal

ORIGINS Welcome 300Dear Reader,

If you don’t already know, Origins is a new literary journal that explores the art of narrative through the lens of identity. The editorial team and advisory board are made up of dedicated writers—all volunteers—who believe deeply in the mission of the magazine: to create a literary center of gravity in which diverse voices flourish and become the norm in publishing.

Last October, we published the inaugural issue. It featured some truly wonderful and generous writers. People like award-winning poet Matthew Zapruder and his award-winning twin siblings, Michael and Alexandra. And Heidi Durrow, who is not only a best-selling author but also an artist committed to examining issues of identity in the context of race, culture and ethnicity. (Check out the Mixed/Remixed Festival, an organization she founded to celebrate “stories of the mixed experience, multiracial and multicultural families and individuals through films, books and performance.”) We also interviewed Achy Obejas, Franklin Leonard, Carl Hoffman, Richard Morais and published the work of both emerging and established artists, writers like xTx and Mary Kay Zuravleff. Not bad for our first issue.

This week, we published our second issue. It is slightly different than the first in that it doesn’t contain author interviews. Instead we focused on the most compelling and interesting poems, short stories and visual art that came to us via the submission process. In the coming months, we’ll be adding author interviews, flash fiction, poetry and prose to Origins Online, and our third issue will debut in the fall.

Identity is a fascinating concept, especially as a starting point for discussing art and story. Please visit often, sign up for our newsletters, read our online content and subscribe to the journal.

Maybe you’ll even send us your best work. —DK


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